Physics (Matric Level)


Physics (Matric Level)


Moalims mission is to deliver world class international education through the provision of high quality curricula, assessment and services at your home with ease and comfort.

Our aim is to balance knowledge, understanding and skills in our programmes and qualifications to enable students to become effective learners and to provide a solid foundation for their continuing educational journey. Thats why, every year, thousands of students takes online tuition classes to gain places at the best universities around the world.   

Our Successful online learners gain lifelong skills including:

  • a better understanding of the technological world in which they live, and take an informed interest in science and scientific developments.
  • knowledge of the basic concepts of physics through a mix of theoretical studies.
  • an understanding of the scientific skills essential for further study which are useful in everyday life.
  • how physical science is studied and practiced.

Course outline:

  • What is Physics?, Physical Quantities, , Measuring Instruments, Significant figures, Kinematics, Dynamics, Turning effect of forces
  • Resolution of forces, Moment of forces, Centre of Mass, Scalars and Vectors, Couple, Equilibirium, Gravitation, Gravitatioanl forces and its laws
  • Artificial Sattelite, Work, Energy, K.E, P.E, Conservation of Energy, Propeties of Matter, Temperature, Thermal Expansion, Expansion of Solid, Liquid and Gases
  • Transfer of Heat, Global Warming, Oscilation, Simple Harmonic Motion, Wave motion and its types, properties of Waves, Sound, Sound Waves and its propagation, 
  • Characteristics of Sound, Speed of Sound, Reflection of Sound, Echo, Audible frequency range, Ultra Sound, Reflection of Light and its laws, Concave and Convex mirror and lenses and uses,
  • Refraction of Light and its laws, total internal reflection, Simple and Compound Microscope, Electrostatics, Current, Electricity, Ohm's Law, Resistance, Capacitors, Electromagnetism
  • A.C and D.C motors, Electronics, Radioactivity and its properties

To attain the above mentioned objectives the student will be provided with:

  • Teaching with experienced Online Female Tutor
  • 20 minutes Free demo
  • Free Notes/Resources through email
  • Learning with Skype screen sharing and voice with the help of white board
  • 6 days a week at your convenient time
  • Missing classes will be adjusted at the weekend day
  • Maximum 3 students in a group

Fee Structure
SubjectCourseClassesDurationMinimum EducationGroup / IndividualFee (PKR)
Physics Regular 6 days 45 minutes Middle Level Group


(per month)

Physics Regular 6 days 45 minutes Middle Level Individual


(per month)

Physics Crash 2 months 1 hour Middle Level Group



Physics Crash 2 months 1 hour Middle Level Individual



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