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Online Quran Learning


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Moalims giving the golden opportunity to all Muslims to learn Holly Quran Online under the supervision of qualified, certified, authentic and experienced Male and Female Quran teachers with ease and comfort through Skype messenger, any where in the world, no matter where you are!!

The Quran online learning objectives are:

  • Kalimas (کلمہ)
  • Namaz (نماز)
  • Roza (روزہ)
  • Quran (Hifz + Nazra) (حفظ+ناظرہ)
  • Hadiths (احادیث)
  • Fiqah (فقہ)
  • Beliefs (عقائد)
  • Translation Holly Quran (قرآن ترجمہ)
  • Tafseer Quran (تفسیرقرآن)

To attain the above mentioned objectives the student will be provided with:

  • Tajweed / Pronunciation
  • Free demo any 3 days of your choice
  • with Skype screen sharing and voice
  • 5 days a week at your convenient time

Fee Structure
Course TitleClassesClass TimeMinimum EducationFree DemoGroup / IndividualFee (PKR)
Quran Learning 3 days 1 hour Secondary Level 30 minutes Group 2000 per month
Quran Learning 3 days 1 hour Secondary Level 30 minutes Individual 4000 per month

For course(s) registration please contact us OR phone us

How to Pay?

We have more easy way to pay online. Please visit page Payment Solutions

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