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‘Policy to terminate ghost teachers in the offing’

NAWABSHAH: Secretary Education Sindh, Jamal Mustafa Syed has said the policy to terminate ghost teachers from service is in the offing, while stopping payment of salaries of absent teachers and staff is not a solution of the issue.

Talking to the media, Jamal Mustafa Syed said the previous trend was to stop the payment of salaries and termination of teachers and staff absent from schools and they used to receive accumulated salaries on revival of service, which was making no effect on their attitude.

He said the new policy was in the making to terminate the service of ghost teachers in order to make it an example for other teachers and staff. He said that a policy in this regard was given to officials of the education department. He expressed the expectation that the graph of education would improve with the implementation of policy. He was optimistic that teachers involved in other activities or doing double jobs would attend their schools and classes at 8am.

The secretary education said millions of children are deprived of education and not going to schools. He said the main reason of this issue is ghost teachers and non-improvement of education standard.

Jamal Mustafa said he wants to introduce the system of reward and punishment in the education department and spare the teachers from job who are burden on the department and want to bring capable teachers who strive to serve with good intent.

He said dedicated teachers would be awarded commendation certificates. To a question, the secretary education said in order to introduce corrective measures, the start has been taken from Larkana and Mirpurkhas divisions.

He said orders were also issued to prepare lists of ghost teachers in Shaheed Benazirabad Division.

He said that 729 closed schools were reopened in Karachi after he took charge as secretary education Sindh.

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