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Poor performance: Inquiry starts against 94 public teachers

LAHORE: The Punjab School Education Department (SED) has initiated an inquiry against 94 public school head teachers due to their alleged poor performance.

The department asked these individuals to submit their defense to an inquiry committee to avoid action under the PEEDA Act, 2006.

In a letter issued to 94 head teachers of BPS-19 and 20 from across the province, the department said a committee had been formed

“The Chief Minister/competent authority has approved and initiated disciplinary proceedings against 94 Principals under PEEDA Act, 2006,” the letter stated.

It added 94 head teachers were accused of inefficiency and misconduct, while also showing poor performance in their three-year tenures. It highlighted that the charges were leveled after looking at enrollment in Class IX, appearance of students in Class IX and X examinations as well as dropout or passing rates.

Their accumulative average score for the last three years is mentioned against each name and has been worked out on the basis of standards set by the School Education Department.

It was determined that the heads of these schools were in 10% schools of their respective districts.

“You are directed to submit your defense against the charges leveled against you, supported by proofs, within the prescribed time. In case you desire to examine the record or any clarification is required, you may consult the record in the once of the undersigned [Additional DPI (EE)]. You are further required to submit the list of defense witnesses if needed.
In case your reply is not received within the deadline, it will be deemed that you have got no defense to offer or you do not want to offer one.”

The department has marked January 11, 12 and 13, 2017 as the dates of hearing of teachers grouped together on the basis of their districts.

“In case you fail to attend proceedings, the inquiry will be finalised on the basis of record produced by the School Education Department, Government of the Punjab /departmental representative /prosecution or monitoring director, and no excuse will be entertained.”

The SED took similar action earlier against head schoolteachers based on their performance and as many as 99 head teachers were punished in 2016. Unions protested against the decision to punish teachers on the basis of performance.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 7th, 2017

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