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From what you know, to which one or two of the following goals are schools giving the most priority today?
Preparing students for college Providing vocational skills that prepare students for employment Teaching students how to reason and think well Teaching students basic values, such as honesty and respect for others Teaching students about government and their civic responsibilities


AIOU Solved Assignments Autumn 2016

Dear students, Solved assignments for the semester of Autumn 2016 are inprocess now, send your demands by using Loudspeaker OR [email protected] OR by calling phone no. mentioned on the top of the website 

Solved Assignments Autumn 2016 List

Class Code 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Matric 201  Available Available Available Available
Matric 202  Available  Available  Available  Available
Matric 203  Available  Available    Available
Matric 204  Available  Available    
Matric 207  Available  Available    
Matric 217  Available  Available    
Matric 218  Available  Available    
Matric 221  Available  Available    
Matric 222  Available  Available    
Matric 247  Available  Available    
Matric 248  Available  Available    
Matric 260  Available  Available    
Class Code 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Intermediate 301  Available  Available    
Intermediate 303  Available  Available  Available  Available
Intermediate 308  Available  Available  Available  Available
Intermediate 311  Available  Available  Available  Available
Intermediate 312  Available  Available  Available  Available
Intermediate 315  Available  Available  Available  Available
Intermediate 316 Available   Available    
Intermediate 317  Available   Available     
Intermediate 321  Available   Available   Available   Available 
Intermediate 322  Available   Available     
Intermediate 330  Available  Available    
Intermediate 343  Available   Available   Available   Available 
Intermediate 346  Available  Available  Available  Available
Intermediate 347  Available   Available     
Intermediate 356  Available  Available    
Intermediate 357  Available  Available    
Intermediate 360        
Intermediate 363  Available  Available    
Intermediate 364  Available  Available    
Intermediate 372  Available  Available  Available  Available
Intermediate 376  Available  Available Available   Available
Intermediate 386  Available  Available    
Intermediate 387  Available  Available    
Intermediate 394  Available  Available    
Intermediate 395  Available  Available    
Class Code 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
BA/B.Com 402  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 404  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 405  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 406  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 407  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 411  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 412  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 413  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 416  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 417  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 419  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 422  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 423 Available Available Available Available
BA/B.Com 426  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 427  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 429  Available Available   Available  Available
BA/B.Com 430  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 431  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 436  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 437  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 438  Available  Available     
BA/B.Com 444  Available  Available     
BA/B.Com 445        
BA/B.Com 447  Available   Available     
BA/B.Com 449  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 451  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 452  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 453  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 454  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 455  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 456  Available  Available     
BA/B.Com 458  Available  Available   Available  Available
BA/B.Com 460  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 461  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 462  Available  Available     
BA/B.Com 463  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 464  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 465 Available Available Available Available
BA/B.Com 466  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 467  Available  Available  Available  Available
BA/B.Com 470  Available      
BA/B.Com 472  Available   Available   Available   Available 
BA/B.Com 473  Available   Available   Available   Available 
BA/B.Com 481  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 482        
BA/B.Com 484  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 485  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 487  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 1421  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 1423 Available   Available    
BA/B.Com 1424  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 1425 Available  Available     
BA/B.Com 1426  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 1429  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 1430  Available  Available    
BA/B.Com 1431  Available  Available    
Class Code 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
B.Ed 512        
B.Ed 513        
B.Ed 514        
B.Ed 517        
B.Ed 518        
B.Ed 519        
B.Ed 520        
CT 604        
CT 605        
CT 607        
PTC 613        
PTC 614        
PTC 615        
PTC 616        
PTC 617        
PTC 618        
PTC 619        
PTC 620        
CT 634  Available   Available     
CT 635        
ADE 6400 Available Available    
B.Ed 6416 Available Available    
B.Ed 8601  Available  Available    
B.Ed 8602  Available  Available    
B.Ed 8603  Available  Available    
B.Ed 8604  Available  Available    
B.Ed 8605  Available  Available    
B.Ed 8606  Available  Available    
B.Ed 661        
MA/M.Ed Special Education677  Available Available  
Class Code 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
MSc Pakistan Studies 537        
MSc Pakistan Studies 538  Available  Available    
MSc Pakistan Studies 541  Available  Available    
MA / M.Ed 622  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed Special Education 677  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed Special Education 678   Available  Available    
MA Special Education 680   Available  Available    
MA Special Education 681  Available  Available    
MA Special Education 682  Available  Available    
MA Special Education 683  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed 695  Available  Available     
MA/M.Ed 696  Available  Available     
MA/M.Ed 697  Available  Available     
MA/M.Ed 698  Available  Available     
MSc Economic 801  Available  Available    
MSc Economic 802  Available  Available    
MSc Economic 803   Available   Available    
MSc Economic 804   Available   Available    
MSc Economic 805        
MSc Economic 806        
MSc Economic 807        
MSc Economic 808  Available  Available    
MSc Economic 810  Available  Available    
MSc Economic 811  Available   Available    
MA/M.Ed 826  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA/M.Ed 827  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA/M.Ed 828  Available  Available  English  Urdu
MA/M.Ed 829  Available  Available  English Urdu 
MA/M.Ed 831  Available  Available  English  Urdu 
MA/M.Ed 832  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed 833  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed 834  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed 835  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed 837  Available  Available  English  Urdu 
MA/M.Ed 838  Available  Available  English  
MA/M.Ed 840  Available   Available   English  Urdu 
MA/M.Ed 841  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed 842  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed 843  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed 851  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed 852  Available      
MA/M.Ed 853  Available      
MA/M.Ed 854  Available  Available    
MSc Gender & Women Studies 876  Available  Available    
MSc Mass Communication 964  Available  Available    
MSc Mass Communication 965  Available  Available    
MSc Mass Communication 967  Available  Available    
MSc Mass Communication 968  Available  Available    
MA / M.Ed 1627 Available Available    
PGD (CS) 3575        
PGD (CS) 3576        
PGD (CS) 3577        
PGD (CS) 3578        
PGD (CS) 3579        
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3603  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3604  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3605  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3606  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3608  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3609  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3610  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3611        
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3612        
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3613        
MA/M.Ed Special Education 3614        
MA Islamiat 4611  Available  Available    
MA Islamiat 4612  Available  Available    
MA Islamiat 4621  Available  Available    
MA Islamiat 4622  Available  Available    
MSc Gender & Women Studies 4641  Available  Available    
MSc Gender & Women Studies 4642  Available  Available    
MSc Gender & Women Studies 4643  Available  Available  English  
MSc Gender & Women Studies 4644  Available  Available  English  
MSc Gender & Women Studies 4651  Available  Available    
MSc Gender & Women Studies 4652  Available  Available    
MSc Gender & Women Studies 4653  Available  Available    
MSc Gender & Women Studies 4654  Available  Available    
MSc Pakistan Studies 4655  Available  Available    
MSc Pakistan Studies 4656  Available  Available    
MSc Pakistan Studies 4657  Available  Available    Urdu
MSc Pakistan Studies 4658  Available  Available    Urdu
MSc Pakistan Studies 4663 Available Available    
MSc Pakistan Studies 4664 Available Available    
MSc Pakistan Studies 4665 Available Available    
MSc Pakistan Studies 4666  Available  Available    
MSc Economics 4671        
MSc Economics 4672        
MSc Economics 4673  Available  Available    
MSc Economics 4674  Available  Available    
MSc Economics 4675  Available  Available    
MSc Economics 4676  Available  Available    
MSc Sociology 4686  Available  Available    
MSc Sociology 4687  Available  Available    
MSc Sociology 4688  Available  Available    
MSc Sociology 4689  Available  Available    
MSc Sociology 4690  Available  Available    
MSc Sociology 4696  Available  Available    
MSc Sociology 4697  Available  Available    
MSc Sociology 4698        
MLIS 5505  Available  Available    
MA Urdu 5601  Available  Available    
MA Urdu 5602 Available Available    
MA Urdu 5603 Available Available    
MA Urdu 5604 Available Available    
MA Urdu 5609  Available  Available    
MA Urdu 5610  Available  Available    
MA Urdu 5611  Available  Available    
MA Urdu 5612  Available  Available    
MA Urdu 5613  Available  Available    
MA Urdu 5614  Available  Available    
MSc Mass Communication 5631 Available Available    
MSc Mass Communication 5632 Available Available    
MSc Mass Communication 5633        
MSc Mass Communication 5634        
MSc Mass Communication 5635        
MSc Mass Communication 5636        
MSc Mass Communication 5637        
MSc Mass Communication 5638        
MSc Mass Communication 5639  Available  Available    
MSc Mass Communication 5640  Available  Available    
MLIS 5641  Available  Available    
MLIS 5642  Available  Available    
MLIS 5643  Available  Available    
MLIS 5644  Available  Available    
MLIS 5645        
MLIS 5646        
MLIS 5647        
MLIS 5648        
MLIS 5649        
MLIS 5650        
MLIS 5651  Available  Available    
MLIS 5652  Available  Available    
MLIS 5653  Available  Available    
MLIS 5654  Available      
Diploma TEFL 5659  Available  Available    
Diploma TEFL 5660  Available  Available    
Diploma TEFL 5661  Available  Available    
Diploma TEFL 5662  Available  Available    
MA TEFL 5667    On demand    
MA TEFL 5668    On demand    
MA TEFL 5669    On demand    
MA History 5676  Available   Available     
MA History 5677  Available   Available     
MA History 5678  Available   Available     
MA History 5679  Available   Available     
MA History 5680  Available   Available     
MA/M.Ed 6500        
MA/M.Ed 6501        
MA/M.Ed 6502        
MA/M.Ed 6503        
MA/M.Ed 6505  Available   Available     
MA/M.Ed 6506        
MA/M.Ed 6507  Available   Available     
MA/M.Ed 6508  Available  Available    
MA/M.Ed 6509 Available Available  English  Urdu
MA/M.Ed 6511 Available Available  English  Urdu
MA Education 6515        
MA Education 6516        
MA/M.Ed 6552 Available Available  English  Urdu
MA/M.Ed 6553 Available Available    Urdu
MA EPM 6559  Available  Available    
MA EPM 6560  Available  Available    
MA EPM 6563  Available  Available    
MA EPM 6564  Available  Available    
MA EPM 6566        
MA EPM 6567        
MA EPM 6571  Available  Available    
MA EPM 6572  Available  Available    
MA EPM 6573  Available  Available    
MA EPM 6574  Available  Available    
MA EPM 6603 Available Available    
MA EPM  6604 Available Available    
M.Phil Mass Communication          
Masters more coming soon more coming soon more coming soon more coming soon more coming soon
Class Code 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
MBA 524  Coming soon On demand    
MBA 525   On demand    
MBA 528   On demand    
MBA 561   On demand    
MBA 569   On demand    
MS / M.Phil 3739  Available Available    
MS / M.Phil 3740  Available Available    
MS / M.Phil 3742  Available Available    
MS / M.Phil 3743  Available Available    
COL MBA 5564 Available  Available    
COL MBA 5565 Available  Available    
COL MBA 5566 Available Available    
COL MBA 5571 Available  Available    
MBA Executive/MPA 5574   On demand    
MBA Executive/MPA 5576   On demand    
MBA Executive/MPA 5585   On demand    
MBA Executive/MPA 5588   On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8501 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8502 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8503   On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8504   On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8505 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8506  Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8507 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8508  Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8509   Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8510   Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8511 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8513  Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8514 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8515 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8516 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8517 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8522 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8531   On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8532  Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8535 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8536 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8537 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8538 Available On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8539   On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8540   On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8544   On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8546   On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8547   On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8548   On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8553   On demand    
MBA/M.Com 8570 Available       
MS 8709 Available Available    
MS 8710 Available Available    
MS 8711 Available Available    
MS 8712 Available Available    
PGD (HRM) 9501  Available On demand    
PGD (HRM) 9502  Available On demand    
PGD (HRM) 9503  Available On demand    
PGD (HRM) 9504  Available On demand    
PGD (HRM) 9505  Available On demand    


Note: If any student have problem in the delivered assignment kindly inform us with in 15 days. After 15 days any complain will not be entertained.



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