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Pakistan Politics


From what you know, to which one or two of the following goals are schools giving the most priority today?
Preparing students for college Providing vocational skills that prepare students for employment Teaching students how to reason and think well Teaching students basic values, such as honesty and respect for others Teaching students about government and their civic responsibilities

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Naveed Kamboh

Pakistani stage

Lets discuss Pakistani stage Read more »

17/01/2014 2:47:58 PM, 0, Views: 1362

Naveed Kamboh

Pakistani Entertainment channels

Lets discuss Pakistani entertainment channels Read more »

17/01/2014 2:48:28 PM, 0, Views: 1221

Naveed Kamboh

Pakistan filim industry

Lets discuss Pakistani Film industry and films Read more »

17/01/2014 2:49:07 PM, 0, Views: 1233

Naveed Kamboh

Pakistani pop muisc and singers

What do you think about Pakistani pop music and singers? Read more »

17/01/2014 2:49:47 PM, 0, Views: 1293

Naveed Kamboh

Pakistan Talent shows

Discuss the talent shows on Pakistani TV Channels Read more »

17/01/2014 2:50:33 PM, 0, Views: 1310

Naveed Kamboh

Pakistani classical music and signers

Lets discuss about Pakistani classical music and singers here. Read more »

17/01/2014 2:51:12 PM, 0, Views: 1326

Naveed Kamboh

Geo TV Pakistan IDOL 2013

What do you think about GEO TV's Pakistan IDOL 2013? Do you think Judges (Bushra Ansari, Haidqa Kiani and Ali Azmat) are doing good and fair job in this show? Read more »

17/01/2014 2:56:50 PM, 1, Views: 1492

film industry of pakistan

pakistani director copied indian movies till now but time is changed now the new director look forward and make a project which is not only watchable but also make a big competition with others wood.can we encourage the new arrivals of directors or not. Read more »

11/02/2014 2:53:34 AM, 3, Views: 1601

Naveed Kamboh

GEO TV Pakistan IDOL 2014 - Has it been corrupted?

Can you find an element of corruption in Geo TV Pakistan IDOL 2014? To my point of view there may be some kind of corruption going o. Among 8 Candidates remained in the competition few seems may be backed by ethnic group, or political group or religious factor. What is your point of few. ? Read more »

10/03/2014 8:27:22 AM, 0, Views: 3116


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