Tibb: a lucrative marketable career

Many universities in Pakistan are extending education for the career goals like pharmacy, medical, engineering and business. Mostly the girls dominate in pharmacy and medical whereas boys in engineering and business education admission. Due to higher merit secured, the girls in these subjects are increasing day by day. After graduation in medical and pharmacy, the girls mostly remain in door, just doing nothing.
Only those girls, who are hard pressed with economic difficulties, involuntarily opt for jobs in pharmaceutical industries, but these girls after marriage leave the job to take care for family and children. So is the case with the medical profession the girls, after joining hospitals leave the job to raise family. The finances incurred on medical and pharmacy education by the public and private meand for girls education is lost in vain. It is due to these reason, voices are being raised that in pharmacy and medical education, admission be given to boys and girls on equal number of seats on merit in their own gender class.
Another choice for admission is the subject of Tibb as approved by Higher Education Commission. The student chose in preference the subject of Tibb because graduates can open their own clinics to treat diseases with herbal medicines. The pharmaceutical industries have started manufacturing herbal medicine and recently approximately 400 industries have already applied for registration of herbal medicine manufacturing in Pakistan. Therefore, herbal medicine study is at the moment best option, this is how you can predict that Tibb course can make you the most marketable in your field. The technology revolution has changed the career choice of current job openings in research and development, clinical trials, quality control and regulatory affairs of herbal medicine.
The recent adoption of Tibb as complementary and alternative medicine by Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, the herbal medicine health care industry jobs undeniably have grown where in dearth of Tibb graduates has created an acute shortage. Recently, highly qualified graduates in Tibb like MPhil and PhD have left the universities and have joined the Research and Development of herbal medicine industry.
If you are undecided about which route to go in the health care industry, it would still be wise to join the Tibb course. Tibb is valuable for business of herbal products, and to start in extraction of herbal medicine for commercial and industrial use. Tibb graduates can undertake business, because of knowledge of herbal drugs and its identification, of crude drug marketing in retail or detail and export or import of herbs of commerce, thus an opportunity lies ahead.
The most exciting changes in the field of herbal medicine education have expanded remarkably in recent times. The higher degrees like MPhil and PhD in Tibb are in high demand the world over. This change means that the demand for jobs in Tibb for teaching, curriculum development, instructional design, and research will increase with time.
As WHO in clear terms has pronounced that 67% of the population is utilizing herbal medicine treatment in their preventive, curative and promotive health care design. The choice is before you, whether you would like to serve to 33 % of people with orthodox medicine? If you like to serve the people in treatment, then you should be the part of health care for all, and it’s only with herbal medicine that you will venture it for the better promise of tomorrow.

Prof Dr Usman G Khan
— Karachi

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