Interview Tips

It is necessary for success in interview you have to well prepare yourself. Here are some tips to make preparation for a job interview. Review these tips before your interview.

  • If you want to chance of success in interview you have to well aware about the organization, where you are going for interview. It is best way to get complete organization information from their official website (if exist).
  • Your outlook should look like a professional. So dress professionally and simple.
  • Arrive before few minutes early.
  • Always turn off your cell before interview starts.
  • Introduce yourself in a polite way; remain same till end of interview.
  • Hand shack and Stand straight and make eye contact.
  • Sit erect on the chair, to show your attention and interest.
  • Listen carefully to the interviewer.
  • Your communication must reflect your qualifications and skills.
  • Talk more during interview.
  • You must look fresh and active.
  • Use your common sense during interview.
  • Show your sincerity, motivation and interest towards work.
  • Be specific in answering.
  • Tell them that why you’ll be a good employee for organization.
  • Tell them confidently about your previous achievements in the field.
  • Your references must be strong, be in contact with your references before you attend any interview.
  • Make some questions to employer, it will show your interest towards job.
  • When interview ends up, ask about the next step.
  • Say Thanks to the interviewer.
  • Do not show that you are superior and proud.
  • Do not inquire about vacations and bonuses, in the initial interview.
  • Do not get nervous and anxious.
  • Do not chew the gum during interview.
  • Explain your answer concisely, do not say just yes or no.
  • Don’t be critical regarding your previous employer.

In previous lines / article we discussed about Interview tips and now we discuss here more in detail:

Be Early

Make a winning impression by showing you are reliable and organized. Get directions in advance and take a test drive if you are unfamiliar with the area. Also, check out the parking situation or public transportation schedules. Allow enough time for traffic and unexpected delays.

It’s All About You

Review your resume thoroughly, but don’t memorize it word for word. When talking, focus on your skills and accomplishments and how they correlate to the position you want. Hone in on how your experience has prepared you for this job and what you can bring to the table.


Dress to Impress

Follow this simple rule of thumb: “It’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.” Even if the work environment is casual, your appearance still must be neat, clean and professional. Unless the interviewer specifically tells you to dress casually, a classic suit is always your best bet. Also, limit your use of jewelry, makeup and cologne or perfume.


The Name Game

Make sure you know the correct name and pronunciation of the interviewer. Listen carefully when the interviewer states his or her name and repeat it back when you say hello. Before you leave, ask for a business card from each person you met. This gives you the necessary information to write thank-you letters.


Hand It Over

A firm handshake is a sign of confidence, but avoid the bone crushing vice grip. Weak and clammy handshakes typically make a bad impression. Don’t forget to look the interviewer directly in the eye when initiating contact.


Body Language

Appear confident by sitting up straight and maintaining good eye contact throughout the interview. Poor posture may translate to low self-esteem. Refrain from fidgeting or chewing gum or candy.


Be Nice

You never know who you’ll meet in the parking lot, elevator or lobby, so be polite to everyone from the receptionist to the CEO. After all, they could have an influence in the hiring process.


Short and Sweet

Avoid long-winded answers. Practice in advance and you will sound more focused and polished.


The Sounds of Silence

While it may be golden, silence can be uncomfortable. However, jumping in with irrelevant comments just to fill up airtime will only make you look nervous. If you are experiencing trouble forming an answer to a question, wait a few seconds before responding. The use of “um, uh, like, well, err …” sounds well, um … stupid. Take your time and think before you speak.


Cold Hard Cash

Although salary is an important factor in your job search, don’t let it be the driving force behind your choice. In interviews, it’s more important to talk about why you’re the right person for the job. Do not bring up salary unless the interviewer asks.


Practice Makes Perfect

Rehearsing is not just for actors. Take time to review what you want to say by asking a friend to play “the interviewer.” By practicing your responses to typical interviewing questions, you will significantly reduce your stress level and improve your chances of making a winning impression on the interviewer.

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