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Biology ( Chapter-6, Bryophytes and Tracheophytes, 9th Class )

The important characteristics of Bryophytes are as follows: 1. Bryophytes are plants without vascular tissue (xylem a phloem), whereas tracheophytes have vascular tissue. Therefore tracheophytes are vascular plants, whereas bryophytes are non-vascular plants. 2. Bryophytes are the simplest land plants. Bryophytes divided into three groups. Liverworts, hornworts, and mosses. 3. Marchantia is an example of liverworts; its plant body is a thick branched green thallus. 4. Anthoceros is a horn wort, and Funaria is a moss. 5. All bryophytes and generally found growing in moist habitants such as damp soil and rocks, moist brick walls, and along the banks of streams.

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