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Guess Paper (Biology, 9th Class, 2010, Science Group)

In 19th century, the compound microscope was highly advanced and biologists observed things just a micrometer apart. After this, a series of discoveries started, which provided basic information for cell theory. 1. In 1831 - 33, Robert Brown discovered nucleus in cells of plants. 2. In 1838, a German botanist Mathias Scheiden observed that all plants were made up of cells. 3. In 1839, Theoclor Schwann observed that the bodies of of animals were made up of cells which were similar to plant cells. 4. Thus, Schleiden and Schwann formulated the "Cell Theory". According to this, all organisms are made up of cells. 5. In 1840, J. Purkinji gave the name "Protoplasm" to the things found inside the cells. At that time, cell was considered as a bag of thick dense substance containing a nucleus. Later on, resolving power and quality of microscopes were highly improved. Section cutting of tissues and cells and their staining became easier and better. It revealed that cell was not a simple mass of granular substance; instead it contained many sub cellular bodies called "Organelles". Each organelle has a definite job in the cell. 6. Human is made up of about 60 trillion cells. From Amoeba and unicellular algae to whales and tallest red wood trees, all' are made up of similar basic units called cell.s All animals and plants are thus made up of cells and cell products.

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  • saira kanwal ye saab farad hai kui thek guess nahi dete mera bhi ajj bio ka paper hai 2nd time Multan main Allah behtar kare ga...umeed rakhni hai to Allah per rakho Multan board walon per nahi.
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  • This site was really helpful to me. Thanks I want also Sindhi Guess Paper
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  • the guess paper iz only help u 2 understand the pattern of the paper nd a little bit guess of xperienced follow it also but u also hv 2 study the book fully.
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  • ji bilkul we dont want to cheat but only want the pattern that which type of paper comes
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