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Chemistry Viva (Practical-9, 9th Class)

To Prepare Ammonia Gas and Study its properties. Q.1. What is the formula of Ammonia? Ans. NH3. Q.2. Wha is the formula of Ammonium Chloride? Ans. NH4cl. Q.3. What is the formula of Quick Lime? Ans. CaO. Q.4. What is the chemical name of Quick Lime? Ans. Calcium Oxide. Q.5. What do you mean Sal Ammoniac? Ans. Ammounium Chloride is also known as Sal Ammoniac. Q.6. What is the molecular weight of Ammonia (NH3)? Ans. The molecular weigth of Ammonia is 17. Q.7. How will you prepare Ammonia in Science Laboratory? Ans. Ammonia is prepared in the Laboratory by heating a mixture of Ammonium Chloride and powdered quick lime (CaO) or Slaked lime Ca(OH)2. Q.8. Write down the chemical equation concerning the preparation of Ammonia? Ans.

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